Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be beneficial for the following:

Sports Person

If you experience tight muscles

If you would like to prevent injuries before they occur

If any for the above is true for you, Deep Tissue Massage in our Clondalkin Clinic is for you.

Your Chartered Physiotherapist at DC Physiotherapy may recommend using this intervention in your rehabilitation. Commonly referred to as trigger points, areas of high tone in a muscle can be a source of pain. In addition, these areas can refer pain to different regions of the body. The develop of trigger points can be as a result of an overuse injury, overloading a muscle, or when the body is in a tense and stressed state.

Deep tissue massage and sports massage are typically used to treat sports injuries and as a prevention of them occurring.

There are many techniques we can use during your deep tissue massage. Your Chartered Physiotherapist will know which ones to use to give you the best possible outcome.

Deep tissue massage has many benefits including increased blood flow to the area, lymph drainage and reduced muscle tension. Deep tissue sports massages restore normal length to a muscle therefore, reduced muscle thingness.

If you’re experiencing low back pain, neck pain or spams deep tissue or sports massage can be extremely beneficial. An acute onset of low back pain or neck pain with no history of trauma can often be caused by the muscles in these areas going into spam.

At DC Physiotherapy Clondalkin  we are experts in deep tissue and sports massage for the prevention of low back and neck pain.