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What is Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy?

Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy involves inserting small needles into trigger points which develop in muscles. DC Physiotherapy Clondalkin are experts in Dry Needling for the treatment of low back and neck pain. Trigger points are small tender spots which can refer pain to other parts of the body.

Your Physiotherapist will incorporate this treatment with the aim to reduce muscle dysfunction and pain by releasing oversensitive areas in the muscle also referred to as myofascial trigger points.

Studies have demonstrated that inserting a dry needle into these trigger points generates favorable biochemical changes within the body. This type of therapy is extremely beneficial for low back and neck pain.

Unleashing Relief: The Power of Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy

Welcome to DC Physiotherapy Clondalkin, where we specialize in providing advanced and effective pain management through the transformative techniques of Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy. If you're seeking targeted relief from muscle pain, tension, or chronic discomfort, our skilled practitioners are here to guide you on a journey to a pain-free, revitalized life.


Understanding Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy

The Essence of Dry Needling: Dry Needling is a therapeutic technique that involves the insertion of thin needles into trigger points within muscles. These trigger points, or knots, are often a source of pain and tension. By targeting these specific areas, Dry Needling promotes muscle relaxation, improved blood flow, and the release of endorphins for natural pain relief.

Trigger Point Therapy Explained: Trigger Point Therapy focuses on identifying and releasing trigger points, which are tight bands of muscle fibers that can cause referred pain and discomfort. Our practitioners use manual pressure, massage, and other specialized techniques to release these trigger points, restoring normal muscle function and reducing pain.


The Benefits of Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy

1. Targeted Pain Relief: Experience precise and targeted relief from muscle pain and tension. Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy address the root causes of discomfort, providing effective and immediate relief.

2. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: By releasing tight muscles and trigger points, these therapies enhance flexibility and restore a full range of motion. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes, those recovering from injuries, or individuals with chronic muscle stiffness.

3. Enhanced Blood Flow and Healing: The insertion of needles stimulates blood flow to the treated areas, promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. This heightened circulation accelerates the body's natural healing processes.

4. Holistic Approach to Pain Management: Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy offer a holistic approach to pain management, addressing not only symptoms but also the underlying causes of muscle pain and tension.

Why Choose DC Physiotherapy Clondalkin for Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy?

  • Expert Practitioners: Our skilled practitioners are trained in the art and science of Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy, ensuring a safe and effective experience.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Every individual is unique, and so are their pain management needs. We tailor our treatment plans to address your specific concerns and goals.
  • Compassionate Care: Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. Our practitioners provide compassionate care in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal issues, when it have been diagnosed that the muscles are the primary contributing factor to the patients symptoms.

At DC Physiotherapy Lucan/Clondalkin, we commonly use Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy for treatment of the elbow, low back pain, neck pain, leg pain including sciatica and general muscle spasms.

The patient often will have some tenderness post treatment, however, this normally subsides the following day. Following the treatment, the area that was treated will feel softer and more relaxed, and the muscle itself will feel a lot looser with improved range of motion and function.

Take the First Step Towards Relief

Ready to experience the transformative benefits of Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy? Schedule a consultation with DC Physio Clondalkin and let our skilled practitioners guide you on a personalized journey to lasting pain relief and improved well-being.

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What Our Patients Say...

Had physio on my back and decompression on my neck , very happy with the service . The guys robbie and cian were very professional and friendly , really cared about how I was doing. This place comes highly recommended 👌read more
Anna Bolger
Anna Bolger
16:19 18 Oct 23
I've been with DC physio for the past few mths and I'm extremely impressed with their professionalism and the willing to help and listen to their patients, unlike most of the Health professions in this country ! When i went to them i couldn't drive or walk properly and was out of work due to a bulging disc (bearing in mind i work in a Hospital and couldnt even get physio there ) but the lads put me back together and im now on the road to recovery 😊. I've also referred some of my friends ! With sincere thanks lads 🙂read more
louise egar
louise egar
10:17 20 Sep 23
Same day appointment. Enda provided a 'most likely' diagnosis which seems to have been accurate. He gave detailed advice on managing the pain and how to move around, all of which has worked out as he advised. A short laser treatment and some massage was given. Good service. I got what I paid for.read more
Patrick McHugh
Patrick McHugh
14:57 20 Jul 23
Highly recommended. I went there late January of this year with severe lower back pain. I met with Jamie who took a detailed history, he examined my back movements (which were non-existent at the time). I started non-surgical spinal decompression, and over the next couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference, not only pain wise, but that I was standing up straight again and not holding onto the wall for support. Jamie has given me daily exercises to help improve my core strength in order to protect my back. I'd highly recommend anyone suffering with pain to contact them. I willl definitely keep their number in my contact list!!Thank you Jamie and colleagues for all your hard work.Extremely professional, caring and understanding.read more
Aoife Downey
Aoife Downey
16:50 17 May 23
I can’t recommend the spinal decompression at DC Physiotherapy enough. I can’t believe the improvement I’ve had from it.I had been in absolute agony with nerve pain and numerous visits with consultants and MRI’s taken showed a lot of damage and disc and nerve trouble and they were recommending surgery.I luckily came across an article about this and researched it and have been going to Jaime who was great at not pushing too hard with it at first and building it up and it’s improved so much and i havnt suffered with the awful nerve pain since. It’s improved my quality of life after just 4 sessions so i will continue the course.read more
21:51 30 Apr 23

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