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  • Are you grappling with the challenges of a diagnosed herniated or prolapsed/bulging disc in your neck or lower back?
  • Everyday activities like sitting, walking, and dressing have become a nightmare, disrupting your life.
  • Is the persistent pain affecting your sleep, leading to a reliance on painkillers?
  • Have traditional treatments such as physiotherapy or osteopathy left you disappointed?
  • Perhaps you've undergone injections, only to find the pain returning.
  • If you resonate with any of these experiences, IDD Therapy could be the transformative solution you've been seeking.

At DC Physiotherapy, we specialize in Spinal Decompression – a cutting-edge, non-surgical treatment gaining widespread acclaim for addressing intervertebral disc injuries, including herniated or prolapsed discs.

Join the growing number of individuals worldwide benefiting from this revolutionary approach to long-term relief, all without the need for surgery.

Want to know if Spinal Decompression is the right solution for your pain?

What is a Herniated Disc?

Understanding Intervertebral Discs and Disc Injuries

Within your spine, intervertebral discs serve as the crucial spongy, shock-absorbing tissue situated between the bones.

Often referred to as a 'slipped disc,' this condition is more accurately identified as a herniated or prolapsed disc.

In this scenario, the central tissue (nucleus) breaches the outer casing (annulus) of the disc, leading to herniation.

This condition may manifest in various symptoms, including:

  • Back Pain or neck pain
  • Sciatica or arm pain
  • Tingling, pins and needles, or numbness
  • Difficulty walking, sitting, and/or sleeping.

Gain a deeper understanding of intervertebral disc intricacies and explore effective solutions at DC Physiotherapy, Dublin.

Disc issues manifest in various symptoms such as back or neck pain, sciatica, arm pain, tingling, pins and needles, or numbness, a herniated disc can impact daily activities like walking, sitting, and sleeping.

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What Causes a Herniated or Prolapsed Disc?


Understanding Spinal Degeneration and Wear as We Age

As we age, especially in individuals with manual occupations, degeneration or wear and tear can naturally occur in the spine.

This process results in the thinning and dehydration of the discs within our spine, rendering them more susceptible to injuries from routine daily activities such as bending or lifting.

Delve into the nuances of spinal health and aging at DC Physiotherapy Dublin, for insights and holistic solutions.

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Unravelling the Causes of Spinal Disc Injury

Trauma, frequently associated with heavy lifting, is a common culprit behind disc injuries in the spine.

The sheer force involved in lifting heavy objects can lead to damage in the outer casing of the disc, triggering a sudden alteration in shape.

This condition is commonly referred to as a bulging or slipped disc.

Explore the intricacies of spinal health and injury causes at DC Physiotherapy Dublin, for a comprehensive understanding and potential solutions.


There is some evidence to suggest that you can inherit a predisposition to develop back pain. You may be more likely to suffer a disc injury if your parents or siblings have also experienced a disc injury.

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About Bulging Discs

A bulging disc, also known as a disc protrusion or disc bulge, is a common spinal condition that occurs when the soft, gel-like inner core of an intervertebral disc begins to push outward through the tough outer ring. These discs act as cushions or shock absorbers between the vertebrae in the spine, providing flexibility and support for the spine’s movement.

Need Something More For Your Pain?

You should consider Spinal Decompression if:

  • You have ongoing or chronic neck pain, back pain or sciatica associated with Spinal Stenosis.
  • You have been diagnosed with a slipped, prolapsed or herniated discthat is stopping you from living your life.
  • You have been diagnosed with spinal stenosisand told that nothing can be done about it.
  • You are keen toavoid invasive spinal injections or surgery.
  • You are tired painkillers and Physiotherapy to no avail.

So, what is Spinal Decompression?

The video below will explain how spinal decompression, a safe and gentle approach to back and neck pain, has helped 1000s of people in the Ireland break free from a cycle of painkillers and get back to normal life.

A Safe and Trusted Approach to Degenerative disc disease, Herniated and Prolapsed Disc.

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a successful and trusted non surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain, neck pain and related problems such as sciatica.

It is particularly useful to sufferers of:

  • Bulging, herniated and degenerative discs.
  • Spinal Stenosis.
  • Sciatica or trapped nerves.
  • Pain that hasn't improved with other approaches such as spinal injections.
  • Cases of chronic pain ongoing for more than 6 weeks.

How Does IDD Therapy Work?

Everyday at DC Physiotherapy, Dublin, we treat patients just like you with our Spinal Decompression Programme.

Step 1 - Targeted Treatment

Spinal Decompression targets the specific area of your spine that is causing the pain using our highly accurate decompression technology.

The gentle decompression force is also a precisely calculated proportion of your body weight and is therefore specifically tailored to you.

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Step 2 – Spinal Decompression

By decompressing (taking pressure off) a segment of your spine affected by a disc herniation and stretching the soft tissues, mobility in the spine can be improved.

This can relieve pain caused by muscle spasm, and alleviate nerve compression and irritation caused by herniated or prolapsed discs.

Step 3 - Restore Pain free Movement

Each session of decompression force is gently increased. This treatment progressively decompresses your spine allowing your range of movement to improve, so you can get back to doing the things you love without pain or restriction.


Is IDD Therapy Painful?

Patients undergoing decompression treatment typically report a lack of discomfort during the process.

The treatment is notably gentle, with some individuals even finding it relaxing enough to fall asleep.

The pulling force applied during decompression is meticulously calibrated to a precise proportion of your body weight, ensuring a personalized and pain-free experience.

Throughout the course of your treatment, decompression forces are introduced gradually, taking into account your medical history and response to the therapy.

This approach ensures a tailored and comfortable experience, emphasizing your well-being throughout the process. Explore the soothing benefits of decompression treatment at DC Physiotherapy, Dublin.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every case of back pain is different but typically takes place over a 4 to 6 week period.  This allows time for the body to adapt with the goal of gently improving and restoring normal spinal function.

The exact number of treatments required will depend on your specific condition and how your body responds to the decompression therapy.

While relief from pain can be experienced in the early stages of treatment, the body does not adjust over night, especially when chronic conditions may have built up over a long period of time.


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What Our Patients Say...

Had physio on my back and decompression on my neck , very happy with the service . The guys robbie and cian were very professional and friendly , really cared about how I was doing. This place comes highly recommended 👌read more
Anna Bolger
Anna Bolger
16:19 18 Oct 23
I've been with DC physio for the past few mths and I'm extremely impressed with their professionalism and the willing to help and listen to their patients, unlike most of the Health professions in this country ! When i went to them i couldn't drive or walk properly and was out of work due to a bulging disc (bearing in mind i work in a Hospital and couldnt even get physio there ) but the lads put me back together and im now on the road to recovery 😊. I've also referred some of my friends ! With sincere thanks lads 🙂read more
louise egar
louise egar
10:17 20 Sep 23
Same day appointment. Enda provided a 'most likely' diagnosis which seems to have been accurate. He gave detailed advice on managing the pain and how to move around, all of which has worked out as he advised. A short laser treatment and some massage was given. Good service. I got what I paid more
Patrick McHugh
Patrick McHugh
14:57 20 Jul 23
Highly recommended. I went there late January of this year with severe lower back pain. I met with Jamie who took a detailed history, he examined my back movements (which were non-existent at the time). I started non-surgical spinal decompression, and over the next couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference, not only pain wise, but that I was standing up straight again and not holding onto the wall for support. Jamie has given me daily exercises to help improve my core strength in order to protect my back. I'd highly recommend anyone suffering with pain to contact them. I willl definitely keep their number in my contact list!!Thank you Jamie and colleagues for all your hard work.Extremely professional, caring and more
Aoife Downey
Aoife Downey
16:50 17 May 23
I can’t recommend the spinal decompression at DC Physiotherapy enough. I can’t believe the improvement I’ve had from it.I had been in absolute agony with nerve pain and numerous visits with consultants and MRI’s taken showed a lot of damage and disc and nerve trouble and they were recommending surgery.I luckily came across an article about this and researched it and have been going to Jaime who was great at not pushing too hard with it at first and building it up and it’s improved so much and i havnt suffered with the awful nerve pain since. It’s improved my quality of life after just 4 sessions so i will continue the more
21:51 30 Apr 23

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