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Neck Pain

Neck pain can be very debilitating as you go about your day. Understanding the cause of neck pain is vital, and having a roadmap of things you can do to help reduce your symptoms is extremely important. Neck pain can affect many aspects of your life, however, most people will see an improvement in one to two weeks, and most individuals will be free of neck pain after two to three months.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will provide you with information and instruction on rehabilitation exercises to resolve your neck pain, and offer best in class, evidenced based manual therapy.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck stiffness is often associated with Neck Pain

“Pins and needles” in the arm may be coming from the neck, and shoulder pain and reduced shoulder movement can be a consequence of neck pain.

Neck pain can be a result of increased pressure on a spinal disc. Muscle strain or muscle spasm are common causes of neck pain.

Poor postural habits at work may be a cause of your neck pain, and whiplash following a road traffic accident will cause neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment

All Physiotherapists at DC Physiotherapy have special have training in the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries. We use best in class, most advanced evidence based techniques and their results are sometimes immediate.

Our aim when treating neck pain is not only to provide rapid pain relief, but also to provide you with the tools to prevent the reoccurrence of your neck pain via a compressive rehabilitation programme you can complete at home.

Physiotherapy can provide many different treatment option. Depending on the actual cause of the issue, these treatments may include Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Exercise Prescription and Joint Mobilisation or Manipulation.

By improving the overall strength, flexibility and range of movement in the neck, the likelihood of the pain returning is vastly reduced.